Film Preview: American Pastoral (2016)

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(August 21, 2016) Original
(October 16, 2016) New Poster (#2)

Release Date:

October 28, 2016


From IMDb: “Set in postwar America, a man watches his seemingly perfect life fall apart as his daughter’s new political affiliation threatens to destroy their family.”

Poster Rating: B / B

Review: (#1) It’s a bit unusual to take your poster and turn it on end, but that’s what was done with this design. It’s a symbolic power play towards the film’s premise, which is upending the status quo.

(#2) Almost identical to its predecessor, what worked about the previous poster design continues to work in this effort.

Trailer Rating: B-

Review: While the first few seconds of the trailer certainly cast a different tone on the film itself, that tone is quickened and diminished as the trailer moves forward. Perhaps creating some kind of teaser out of the first section and a regular trailer out the latter would have made for a better overall experience.

Oscar Prospects:

It’s entirely possible the film could be a contender, but so far we don’t have a lot to help us make that determination. The reviews need to be great.

Trailer #1


Poster #1Poster #2

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