Film Preview: Aladdin (2019)

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May 24, 2019


From IMDb: “A live-action retelling of the 1992 Disney film of the same name.”

Poster Rating: B / A- / C+ / B- / C+ / C+ / C / B (4)/h4>
Review: (#1) The elaborate invocation of the lamp is a fitting teaser for this film.

(#2) Disney’s posters, while seldom great, are always well crafted designs that give the viewer plenty to look at and get excited over. This design is one such poster. The color balance isn’t perfect, but it’s a solid design with plenty of interesting detail to gawk at.

(#3) It’s a whole new world of dull backgrounds and limited details. (#4) A few more background details and a better color structure don’t make for an unbeatable design. (#5) IMAX must require poster designs featuring their logo be placed on blank white backgrounds. They almost never look good as a result. (#6) A market scene that looks overly staged and thereby dull. (#7) A lack of action with a blurry background might seem like a still from the film, but it doesn’t work for a poster design. (#8-#11) This series of character posters try to be something different than others, still using unique settings and unique colors, but also trying something different with the framing device.

Trailer Rating: B/ B+

Review: (#1) For a time, Disney’s animated film trailers were presented as a single musical scene from the film. This worked incredibly well with The Lion King, but not so much the others. They seem to be doing this with their live-action adaptations of their Animation Revival output starting with Beauty and the Beast and now continuing with Aladdin. The problem is that while Beauty‘s musical elements were universally well recognized and were easily distinguished in its first teaser trailer, Aladdin‘s music is somewhat familiar, but then poorly cued into the score of its first live-action trailer, making for a modestly interesting, but forgettable attempt.

(#2) Far more adventure-minded than the first trailer, this one actually gives us part of a song and puts us more forcibly into the setting of the film, which is more promising than what we got previously.

Oscar Prospects:

Any Disney adaptation of an animated film should be considered an Oscar contender, though this one has few categories in which it could contend.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2


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