Contest: Summer Box Office Predictions, Week 2

It’s Week #2. Time to submit your predictions for this weekend’s box office. For a reminder of the rules, follow this link: Contest Rule

Submit the Following for this Week

  1. Guess the #1 Film at the U.S. weekend box office
  2. Guess the highest grossing new release and how much it will make

This Week’s Wide New Releases

Shrek Forever After


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  1. “Shrek: The Final Chapter” for both #1 and top grosser at $89 million

  2. 1. Shrek Forever After
    2. Shrek Forever After $95 million

  3. Yeah, I’m going with Shrek 4 for both answers. And I predict it will do $121 million.

  4. 1. Shrek Forever After
    2. Shrek Forever After w/ $105 Million

  5. 1. Shrek
    2. Shrek, $115 million

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