Cinema Sight: Celebrating 20 Years

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Does anyone remember GeoCities? Not many would. Housing thousands of personal websites back in the 1990’s, GeoCities was where I first found a home for my website. Established in the Hollywood neighborhood, my Oscar fansite started small and grew to what it is today. After twenty years, everything in the rear view mirror looks past, but certainly not forgotten.

I have changed a lot in the last twenty years. Physical changes. Mental changes. Professional changes. So much has happened that little details blur together. As The Oscar Guy, I’ve grown and expanded my Oscar knowledge, exploring new films and historical facts while enjoying each new Oscar year with varying degrees of excitement. Some years have a more exciting slate of nominees and winners, others are more disappointing. Yet, through all of this, I remain devoted to the Oscars as an institution.

As I’ve broadened my interests in films over the years, one thing remains clear. I haven’t lost the passion or interest I once had.

I haven’t prepared a long-winded article for this year’s anniversary even though 20 years is a huge milestone. There aren’t many sites still around from when I started, so it feels amazing to still be one of the oldies. That said, I do have some plans for the year, some of which I can share with you now.

Apart from the monthly Top Tens I and my fellow contributors have been submitting, I’ve also begun work on a new graphic for the site. The new logo, when it’s finished, will replace the current 20 years header bar. This logo, which I hope encapsulates my passion for film in its several forms, will also be made available in due time on Cafe Press where you can buy T-Shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads and other items. All proceeds will go to help support the site and its contributors.

I’ll share the new logo with you as soon as I can, but until then, enjoy the updated banner. Stay tuned for more information and I hope to share with you more plans in the near future for ways we’re going to celebrate twenty years of Cinema Sight.


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  1. Being an Oscar fan myself when I saw the first live ceremony in 1992 (being the films of 1991 among my favorites of all time), when I found out about your site in the year 2000 when you had among the oscar hopefuls The Green Mile with over 12 nominations. I admired your knowledge of the Oscars and have learned a lot from you ever since.

    I thank you Wesley.

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