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Eyeing the Truth: September 2018

Minding the Gap (Hulu)

Minding the Gap started almost ten years ago, when a teenage Bing Liu would videotape his friends’ skateboarding exploits. As adults, he has revisited his hometown and those friends, and followed the beginnings of their adult lives. One friend is a young father, another is struggling to find a purpose and get out of his hometown, and Liu himself has moved on physically but can’t escape the emotional pains of childhood. Along the way, we meet parents, girlfriends, and adult figures who all played a part in getting these kids to where they are. The subjects balance from uplifting to devastating — one of Liu’s friends confesses that “some people do take their negative experiences and turn them into powerful, positive things. I just don’t think I’m that sort of person” — but at every turn they are brutally honest.


New Board of Governors Elected

The Academy has elected its new board of governors. Below is the press release. Since current president Cheryl Boone-Isaacs is term-limited, we’ll find out who the new president is next month.


LOS ANGELES, CA – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today announced its newly elected 2017–18 Board of Governors.

Those elected to the Board for the first time are:

Whoopi Goldberg, Actors Branch
Mandy Walker, Cinematographers Branch
Isis Mussenden, Costume Designers Branch
Wynn P. Thomas, Designers Branch
Kimberly Peirce, Directors Branch
David Linde, Executives Branch
Christina Kounelias, Public Relations Branch
Thomas R. Sito, Short Films and Feature Animation Branch
Teri E. Dorman, Sound Branch
Larry Karaszewski, Writers Branch

Incumbent governors reelected to the Board include:

Lora Kennedy, Casting Directors Branch
Kate Amend, Documentary Branch
Michael Tronick, Film Editors Branch
Kathryn L. Blondell, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch
Charles Bernstein, Music Branch
Albert Berger, Producers Branch

Returning to the Board after a hiatus is:

Richard Edlund, Visual Effects Branch

The Academy’s 17 branches are each represented by three governors, who may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms. The Board of Governors sets the Academy’s strategic vision, preserves the organization’s financial health, and assures the fulfillment of its mission.

Sound Nominee Disqualified

For the second time in four years, a violation of the Academy’s campaign rules regarding telephone lobbying. This time, they did not disqualify the entire entry, 13 Hours, they simply removed Greg P. Russell’s name from the nomination itself. Presumably, the waited to announce this decision until after voting was over to prevent voters from picking the film in protest. Here’s the press release about it.



Oscar Profile #328: Lee Grant

Born October 31, 1926 in Manhattan, New York City, Lyova Haskell Rosenthal was the only child of a Romanian Jewish immigrant educator father and a Russian Jewish immigrant actress mother. A precocious child, she made her stage debut at age 4 at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, playing the abducted princess in “L’Orocolo”. After graduating from high school, she won a scholarship to the Neighborhood Playhouse where she studied acting with Sanford Meisner. She later enrolled in the Actors Studio, changing her name along the way to Lee Grant.

The actress has at different times given her year of birth as 1925, 1926, 1927 and 1928, but since at the time of her Metropolitan Opera debut in early 1931 she was reportedly 4 years old, 1926 would seem to be the most accurate.

Grant made her Broadway debut in 1948’s Joy to the World and won kudos for her portrayal of the shoplifter in 1949’s Detective Story. She was nominated for an Oscar for the film version in which she made screen debut in 1951. That same year she married screenwriter Arnold Manoff who was blacklisted in 1953 and could only get work thereafter writing for television under a pseudonym. Grant, though not officially blacklisted, still had trouble finding work in Hollywood. She had no trouble appearing on Broadway and television.


Film Previews: The Super Bowl Ads

Last weekend, one of the biggest sporting events of the year took place and, as part of that event, certain things have become pop culture touchstones, the halftime show and the new movie trailers. These aren’t trailers that are typically shown in theaters, so I’m separating them out this year, but giving them a chance to breathe. Below are the ads that I was able to find that were shown during the Super Bowl along with my brief thoughts on each and a link back to my original trailer preview.

Based on the trailers presented, the “Take the Cure” trailer for A Cure for Wellness is the best. Logan and Baywatch were the next best.


Cinema Sight: Celebrating 20 Years

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Does anyone remember GeoCities? Not many would. Housing thousands of personal websites back in the 1990’s, GeoCities was where I first found a home for my website. Established in the Hollywood neighborhood, my Oscar fansite started small and grew to what it is today. After twenty years, everything in the rear view mirror looks past, but certainly not forgotten.

I have changed a lot in the last twenty years. Physical changes. Mental changes. Professional changes. So much has happened that little details blur together. As The Oscar Guy, I’ve grown and expanded my Oscar knowledge, exploring new films and historical facts while enjoying each new Oscar year with varying degrees of excitement. Some years have a more exciting slate of nominees and winners, others are more disappointing. Yet, through all of this, I remain devoted to the Oscars as an institution.

As I’ve broadened my interests in films over the years, one thing remains clear. I haven’t lost the passion or interest I once had.

I haven’t prepared a long-winded article for this year’s anniversary even though 20 years is a huge milestone. There aren’t many sites still around from when I started, so it feels amazing to still be one of the oldies. That said, I do have some plans for the year, some of which I can share with you now.

Apart from the monthly Top Tens I and my fellow contributors have been submitting, I’ve also begun work on a new graphic for the site. The new logo, when it’s finished, will replace the current 20 years header bar. This logo, which I hope encapsulates my passion for film in its several forms, will also be made available in due time on Cafe Press where you can buy T-Shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads and other items. All proceeds will go to help support the site and its contributors.

I’ll share the new logo with you as soon as I can, but until then, enjoy the updated banner. Stay tuned for more information and I hope to share with you more plans in the near future for ways we’re going to celebrate twenty years of Cinema Sight.

Welcome to the New Location

Cinema Sight is back up and operational and it seems to be loading a lot faster. I remain cautiously optimistic that whatever was causing the 508 and 403 errors will be a thing of the past.

Hopefully I can get everything caught up to where everything is flowing well again with posts and such. The UAADB is also back in operation.

Site Is Moving

The site is moving to a new host overnight tonight (Thursday/Friday). We hope to have the transition completed so you never see this post. However, if you do, please be aware that anything you post between now and the transfer to the new domain (which can take 4-24 hours I’m told) will not be reflected at the new site.

This may also mean that two scheduled articles for today will not go live as planned: Our seventh Rundown feature and our predictions for BAFTA. These will be live just as soon as the new site is.

Site Connectivity Issues

Cinema Sight is currently experiencing some major connectivity issues. I’m working to determine what the problem is, but have found no solution yet. As such, I will be making some temporary changes to the site, which may cause things to look differently than usual or not display correctly. As soon as I’m able to figure out the problem and get it resolved, things will hopefully go back to normal. Please be patient during this process.

Cinema Sight Now on Patreon

Patreon is a site that acts as an intermediary between artists and their supporters. As a writer, it’s imperative to ensure there is an inflow of funds to help operate the website and, eventually, pay our contributors who’ve been very gracious to work for years for free.

You get benefits depending on how much your monthly contribution is. Visit the link below to participate and help keep Cinema Sight going for years to come. Thanks for your support.


Cinema Sight / The Oscar Guy Turns 18

18 years ago today, I took my crazy notion for an Oscar-themed website and found a place on GeoCities where I started the website “The Oscar Guy”. For fourteen years, I operated as The Oscar Guy before the Academy finally noticed I was around and sent me a C&D letter. Since 2010, the site has been called Cinema Sight.

For 18 years, I have covered the Academy Awards in depth, hosted a site where like-minded people could come and discuss the Oscars (on the UAADB and on the site itself), and provided information about the Oscars that, at the time of founding, was hard to find anywhere on the internet.

In honor of our 18th Anniversary, we’re going to flash back to 1996 to remember what was great and what was awful about that year. There were far more films that released that year than I can logistically cover, but for the next 12 months, I will be attempting to catch up on everything I missed from 1996.


Site Updates, Part 2

In an article I posted on February 7, I made mention of two other updates I was working on.

As these were all prepared using the same spreadsheet formatting and required only a minor bit of tweaking, they were easy to put together, just time-consuming to post. This has now been done. Below are links to all three new/updated site features.

Nominees and Winners Listed by Year
Nominees and Winners Listed by Category
Individual Film Tallies

While I do have other anticipated site updates, they are only in the planning stages, so will probably take several months to put together. In the mean time, please enjoy the information provided above and if you have any other ideas for data you’d like to see, please let me know.

Two Site Events Worth Noting

In about an hour, Peter, Tripp and I will begin our category-by-category look at the Oscar races, giving our thoughts and opinions about what’s going on and our predictions for the final victory.

Before we get to that, after some hard work and formatting, I have finally retooled and rebooted the Oscar Nominees and Winners pages. These should have fewer errors, any tabulation problems should be corrected and overall, I think it will be an easier navigation experience.

You can check out links to each year’s nominees and winners here: Academy Awards Pages: Nominees and Winners

I also have two other projects that should be completed soon. The first is to create a by-category list of nominees and winners. The other is a list of all Academy Award nominees and winners that have received 3 or more nominations, and 2 or more Oscars. I’ll have a combined list and then a list sorted by decade. Both of these projects are nearing completion, but should be up before Oscar Night in March.

Until then, keep your eyes open!

Happy 17th Anniversary, Cinema Sight!

Every time I think about the number 17, I realize just how much of an accomplishment it is to have been in this industry for so long. 17 years ago today, I launched myself as The Oscar Guy on GeoCities. Who knew that a simple Academy Awards fansite would get me to where I am today.

Thanks to all who’ve supported me all these years!

In honor of that milestone, I’ve updated my banner at the top of the page with a new numerically-accurate logo and added a new background image. Can you name the film it’s from? Kudos to those who figure it out. Admittedly, it’s not the best shot from the film, but it’s a simple selection. I will probably change it out at some point, but for now it stays.

Happy 16th Anniversary, Cinema Sight

16 years ago today, Cinema Sight was launched as The Oscar Guy. We started out on GeoCities and eventually moved to our domain and subsequently to where you find us today.

It’s been an interesting and very busy 16 years, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thanks everyone for sticking around and reading every year even when updates are delayed for various reasons.

In celebration of our 16th Anniversary, I am rolling out our new header banner displaying our 16 years proudly as one of the oldest film websites on the internet and the oldest of all Oscar fan sites still operating today. As an added bonus, I’ve also updated the banner background to a film that opened the same year as the site founded and remains one of my all-time favorites even if I’m fairly alone in that admiration. And while I realize the scene I selected from Evita is from the funeral march of Eva Peron, I think the confetti in the air and procession add a simple majesty to the scene. This scene is one of my favorites. It’s mournful, yet exciting. It is one of the best orchestral introductions to a musical I’ve ever heard. So, even though it’s a funeral, I do not consider it representative of the end of anything and as this scene is from the beginning of the film, it can just as easily represent the beginning of another great 16 years and even more beyond that.