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1942 (15th)


Africa, Prelude to Victory – The March of Time
The Battle of Midway – United States Navy [1]
Combat Report – United States Army Signal Corps
Conquer by the Clock – Frederic Ullman, Jr.
The Grain That Built a Hemisphere – Walt Disney
Henry Browne, Farmer – United States Department of Agriculture
High over the Borders – National Film Board of Canada
High Stakes in the East – The Netherlands Information Bureau
Inside Fighting China – National Film Board of Canada
It’s Everybody’s War – United States Office of War Information
Kokoda Front Line! – Australian News & Information Bureau [2]
Listen to Britain – British Ministry of Information
Little Belgium – Belgian Ministry of Information
Little Isles of Freedom – Victor Stoloff, Edgar Loew
Mr. Blabbermouth! – United States Office of War Information
Mr. Gardenia Jones – United States Office of War Information
Moscow Strikes Back – Artkino [3]
The New Spirit – Walt Disney
Prelude to War – United States Army Special Services [4]
The Price of Victory – William H. Pine
Twenty-One Miles – British Ministry of Information
Twenty-One Miles – British Ministry of Information
We Refuse to Die – William C. Thomas
White Eagle – Concanen Films
Winning Your Wings – United States Army Air Force


  1. [NOTE: “A special award to Battle of Midway for the historical value of its achievement in offering a camera record of one of the decisive battles of the world – a record unique both for the courage of those who made it under fire, and for its magnificent portrayal of the gallantry of our armed forces in battle.”]
  2. [NOTE: “A special award to Kokoda Front Line! for its effectiveness in portraying, simply yet forcefully, the scene of war in New Guinea and for its moving presentation of the bravery and fortitude of our Australian comrades in arms.”]
  3. [NOTE: “A special award to Moscow Strikes Back for its vivid presentation of the heroism of the Russian Army and of the Russian people in the defense of Moscow, and for its achievement in so doing under conditions of extreme difficulty and danger.”]
  4. [NOTE: “A special award to Prelude to War for its trenchant conception and authentic and stirring dramatization of the events which forced our nation into the war and of the ideals for which we fight.”]

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