92nd Academy Awards (2019): The Precursors

Updated Through Saturday, February 8, 2020

Critics (General)

Atlanta (Awards)
Austin (Awards | Noms)
Boston (Awards)
Boston Online (Awards)
Broadcast (Awards | Noms)
Broadcast Docs (Awards)
Central Ohio (Awards | Noms)
Chicago (Awards | Noms)
Chicago Independent (Awards | Noms)
Dallas-Fort Worth (Awards)
Denver (Awards | Noms)
Detroit (Awards | Noms)
Florida (Awards | Noms)
Georgia (Awards | Noms)
Hawaii (Awards | Noms)
Hollywood (Awards | Noms)
Houston (Awards | Noms)
Indiana (Awards)
Iowa (Awards | Noms)
Kansa City (Awards)
Las Vegas (Awards)
London (Awards | Noms)
Los Angeles (Awards)
National Board (Awards)
National Society (Awards)
Nevada (Awards)
New Mexico (Awards)
New York (Awards)
New York Online (Awards)
North Carolina (Awards | Noms)
North Texas (Awards)
Oklahoma (Awards)
Online (Awards | Noms)
Philadelphia (Awards)
Phoenix (Circle) (Awards | Noms)
Phoenix (Society) (Awards)
San Diego (Awards | Noms)
San Francisco (Awards | Noms)
Seattle (Awards | Noms)
Southeastern (Awards)
St. Louis (Awards | Noms)
Toronto (Awards | Other)
Utah (Awards)
Vancouver (Awards | Noms | Other)
Washington DC (Awards | Noms)

Critics (Specific)

AARP (Awards | Noms)
African America (Awards)
Black (Awards)
Film Music (Noms)
Latino Critics (Awards | Noms)
LGBTQ (Awards | Noms)
Women (Critics) (Awards | Noms)
Women (Critics) (Awards | Noms)
Women (Journalists) (Awards | Noms)


Actors (Awards | Noms)
Animators (Awards | Noms)
Art Directors (Awards | Noms)
Casting Directors (Awards | Noms)
Cinematographers (Awards | Noms)
Costume Designers (Awards | Noms)
Directors (Awards | Noms | Other)
Editors (Awards | Noms)
Makeup Artists (Awards | Noms)
Music (Awards | Noms)
Producers (Awards | Noms | Other)
Publicists (Awards | Noms)
Sound Editors (Awards | Noms)
Sound Mixers (Awards | Noms)
Visual Effects Artists (Awards | Noms)
Writers (Awards | Noms)

National Awards

Australian Academy (Awards | Noms)
British Academy (Awards | Noms | Other)
Korean Academy (Awards | Noms)
Spanish Academy (Awards | Noms)


AFI (Awards)
Golden Globes (Awards | Noms)
Gotham Awards (Awards | Noms)
Grammys (Awards | Noms)
NAACP (Noms)
Online Film & TV (Awards | Noms)
Razzies (Noms)
Satellites (Awards | Noms)
Spirit Awards (Awards | Noms)
USC Scripter (Awards | Noms)

Other Organizations

European Film Awards (Awards | Noms)
People’s Choice (Awards)

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