92nd Academy Awards (2019): The Precursors

Updated Through Saturday, January 18, 2020

Critics (General)

Atlanta (Awards)
Austin (Awards | Noms)
Boston (Awards)
Boston Online (Awards)
Broadcast (Awards | Noms)
Broadcast Docs (Awards)
Central Ohio (Awards | Noms)
Chicago (Awards | Noms)
Chicago Independent (Awards | Noms)
Dallas-Fort Worth (Awards)
Denver (Awards | Noms)
Detroit (Awards | Noms)
Florida (Awards | Noms)
Georgia (Awards | Noms)
Hawaii (Awards | Noms)
Hollywood (Awards | Noms)
Houston (Awards | Noms)
Indiana (Awards)
Iowa (Awards | Noms)
Kansa City (Awards)
Las Vegas (Awards)
London (Noms)
Los Angeles (Awards)
National Board (Awards)
National Society (Awards)
Nevada (Awards)
New Mexico (Awards)
New York (Awards)
New York Online (Awards)
North Carolina (Awards | Noms)
North Texas (Awards)
Oklahoma (Awards)
Online (Awards | Noms)
Philadelphia (Awards)
Phoenix (Circle) (Awards | Noms)
Phoenix (Society) (Awards)
San Diego (Awards | Noms)
San Francisco (Awards | Noms)
Seattle (Awards | Noms)
Southeastern (Awards)
St. Louis (Noms)
Toronto (Awards | Other)
Utah (Awards)
Vancouver (Awards | Noms | Other)
Washington DC (Awards | Noms)

Critics (Specific)

AARP (Awards | Noms)
African America (Awards)
Black (Awards)
Latino Critics (Noms)
LGBTQ (Awards | Noms)
Women (Critics) (Awards | Noms)
Women (Critics) (Noms)
Women (Journalists) (Awards | Noms)


Actors (Awards | Noms)
Animators (Noms)
Art Directors (Noms)
Casting Directors (Noms)
Cinematographers (Noms)
Costume Designers (Noms)
Directors (Noms | Other)
Editors (Awards | Noms)
Makeup Artists (Awards | Noms)
Music (Awards | Noms)
Producers (Awards | Noms | Other)
Publicists (Noms)
Sound Editors (Noms)
Sound Mixers (Noms)
Visual Effects Artists (Noms)
Writers (Noms)

National Awards

Australian Academy (Awards | Noms)
British Academy (Noms | Other)
Korean Academy (Awards | Noms)
Spanish Academy (Noms)


AFI (Awards)
Golden Globes (Awards | Noms)
Gotham Awards (Awards | Noms)
Grammys (Noms)
NAACP (Noms)
Online Film & TV (Noms)
Satellites (Awards | Noms)
Spirit Awards (Noms)
USC Scripter (Noms)

Other Organizations

European Film Awards (Awards | Noms)
People’s Choice (Awards)

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