70th Academy Awards (1997): Oscar Night

The 70th Academy Awards (1997): Oscar Night

All categories will be presented on March 23 at the 70th Annual Academy Awards ceremony.

While no specific order has ever been laid out, the awards that fall in the first half hour are generally technical and the two supporting awards.

This year’s telecast should be more elegant than year’s prior, focusing on the grand Hollywood past in production design and dance. This will also be the first time that the official Oscar theme will be used for the telecast. It was written by nominee Jerry Goldsmith and might get him the score award if they are thankful.

Below you will find all the categories you need to watch for and what to look for in order to guess along with the rest of us as to what will wind up the big winner of the night.

Supporting Actor:

If Robin Williams should win, Good Will Hunting’s shot at Best Picture is good. If Reynolds win, then look later in the program to the Original Screenplay category.

Supporting Actress:

This is the defining category. If Stuart wins, look for a Titanic sweep to best Ben-Hur’s record, but if she doesn’t, it will need to win Makeup to break the tie. If Basinger wins, L.A. has a good shot at best picture, but if one of the others finishes, look for Titanic to go all the way. If Driver wins, expect an outrage the next morning and Good Will Hunting to win Best Picture.


This trophy should go out early in the evening. If Titanic wins this and Supporting Actress, Kate Winslet could actually win for Actress. Even if she doesn’t win, Titanic should easily break Ben-Hur’s record 11, even without supporting actress OR makeup, but not without both.

Visual Effects, Sound Effects, Sound, Art Direction, Costumes, Cinematography, Film Editing:

These categories will be given throughout the evening and are all expected to go to Titanic. If it loses any of them, it will not break Ben-Hur’s record. If it does win these and the Makeup category, making all eight tech awards, It will only need four more trophies to break Ben-Hur’s record. If L.A. Confidential wins any of these, it will likely win Best Picture.

Original Song, Dramatic Score:

Two more categories that are expected to go into Titanic’s bank. Song will be handed out as one of the last seven or so awards, because all songs must be performed before this time. If it loses one of these, it won’t receive best picture, the backlash will be too large. If it carries these and the eight techs, or seven techs and supporting actress, that will leave picture and director to win to break the record.

Comedy/Musical Score:

Not considered a major category, more of a challenge to guess than the others. Picture nominees Full Monty and As Good As It Gets will duke it out here for tops. If Anastasia wins, it will be as a picture split.

Foreign Film, Documentaries (2 Categories), Short Films (2 Categories):

No one will care much about the winners here, except for prognosticators, so expect a universal flush during these categories.

Adapted Screenplay:

Nothing can beat L.A. Confidential, but if it does, L.A. has lost all hopes at Best Picture.

Original Screenplay:

If Good Will Hunting wins here, it is still a contender for Best Picture, but if As Good As It Gets or Boogie Nights should surprise, it will be almost smooth sailing for Titanic.


If Nicholson doesn’t win, Fonda or Duvall will. This is one of the most interesting categorie to watch. Best Picture can’t be determined on this one unless Damon coomes out of the blue to win, meaning Good Will Hunting is guaranteed best picture, but don’t look for that to happen.


If Winslet wins, Titanic is most assuredly going to take Best Picture and the record for wins, because it will likely have taken all 14. Kate is considered the weakest link. The race here should be between Carter, Dench and Hunt. Hunt should win, but could be upset by Dench or a surprise victory for Carter.


Usually the last category presented before Best Picture. If Cameron loses this award, Titanic will most likely not win Picture, but if he wins, Titanic should easily take Picture.


Titanic is the early favorite and will win if it takes at least 10 other trophies. If it wins less and L.A. Confidential or Good Will Hunting take more than two or three awards, then one of those two will win. Otherwise look at a no-iceberg tribute to the HMS Titanic.