2019 Precursor Predictions: Make-Up Artists Guild

The Make-Up Artists and Hair-Stylists Guild give out awards in five categories. The hairstyling categories hardly ever mimic the Oscars, but the makeup categories, especially the special make-up effects category are the best representations of what could happen. The only selection we completely agreed on was Bombshell for contemporary make-up.


Best Period and/or Character Make-up

Dolemite Is My Name (RU:Thomas)
Downton Abbey
Joker (Wesley, Peter, Tripp)
Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood (RU:Tripp)
Rocketman (Thomas, RU:Wesley, RU:Peter)

Wesley Lovell: Dolemite is the most outlandish and with Rocketman on deck, that’s saying something. Joker could also pull in a lot of votes simply for Joaquin Phoenix’s makeup, but more is often better, thus Dolemite.
Peter J. Patrick: Joker and Rocketman have both period and character makeup to easily win this one with the more popular Joker the likely winner.
Tripp Burton: I have no idea, any of these seems like a possibility, but I’ll guess that industry favorite Joker will prevail.
Thomas LaTourette: Rocketman or Dolemite probably have the best chances of prevailing here.

Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling

Dolemite Is My Name (Wesley, Peter, Tripp)
Downton Abbey (Thomas)
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood
Rocketman (RU:Wesley, RU:Peter, RU:Tripp, RU:Thomas)

Wesley Lovell: Dolemite is still the strongest contender here, but Rocketman and Downton Abbey are also solid contenders, as are Maleficent and Once Upon a Time. Any one of them could win, really.
Peter J. Patrick: Let’s spread the wealth and throw one to Dolemite Is My Name, which perfectly captures the 1970s look of its characters.
Tripp Burton: All of the wigs and facial hair of Dolemite should prevail here.
Thomas LaTourette: Downton Abbey had the most going on with hairstyles, so I expect it to win.

Best Special Make-up Effects

Bombshell (Tripp, Thomas)
Captain Marvel (RU:Tripp)
The Irishman (RU:Wesley, RU:Peter)
Rocketman (Wesley, Peter, RU:Thomas)

Wesley Lovell: Like with the Oscars, it’s often best to go with most makeup, not necessarily best. That gives Rocketman a real edge here as The Irishman will be hard-pressed to showcase what was makeup and what was visual effects. Bombshell‘s ability to create spitting images of real-life characters and their fat-makeup on John Lithgow could easily spoil.
Peter J. Patrick: I’m not sure what special makeup effects are, but this is a good place to reward Rocketman for something.
Tripp Burton: The extreme prosthetics of Bombshell should win. I’m guessing that the visual effects used in The Irishman might count against it here.
Thomas LaTourette: I am thinking that The Irishman is more work on cinematography than make-up, so I will go with Bombshell.

Best Contemporary Make-up

Avengers: Endgame (RU:Wesley, RU:Tripp, RU:Thomas)
Bombshell (Wesley, Peter, Tripp, Thomas)
Hustlers (RU:Peter)
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

Wesley Lovell: Bombshell is tied for most nominated, which means they really like the makeup effects, which gives it an edge over Avengers.
Peter J. Patrick: The flawless transformation of Charlize Theron into Megan Kelly alone is enough to all but guarantee Bombshell the win.
Tripp Burton: Again, the extreme prosthetics of Bombshell should win here. The only Oscar-shortlisted film on the list.
Thomas LaTourette: Bombshell should prevail here for the transformation of Charlize Theron into Megyn Kelly, unless they go for the more over the top work in Avengers.

Best Contemporary Hair Styling

Bombshell (Wesley, Peter, Thomas, RU:Tripp)
Hustlers (Tripp, RU:Peter, RU:Thomas)
John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum
Joker (RU:Wesley)
The Laundromat

Wesley Lovell: This is a tough category, but once again Bombshell is the best bet, though Joker could play spoiler (though how it ended up in period in one spot and contemporary in another is beyond me).
Peter J. Patrick: The most obvious selection is the one with the most hair, which means that this should be another easy win for Bombshell.
Tripp Burton: The different looks of Hustlers might push it over here. Just a hunch.
Thomas LaTourette: I am just going with Bombshell to do well in lots of categories.

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