2018 Precursor Predictions: Costume Designers Guild

The Costume Designers Guild has three chances to predict the Oscars, though you really only need to look at two of them as the winners for Period and Fantasy Costume Design each have a historical potential of winning.


Best Period Costume Design

Bohemian Rhapsody (RU:Peter)
The Favourite (Wesley, Peter, Tripp, Thomas)
Mary Poppins Returns (RU:Tripp, RU:Thomas)
Mary Queen of Scots (RU:Wesley)

Wesley Lovell: With such a broad range of periods to be recognized with this award, The Favourite is closets in style to many of the other winners in this category and I’d be surprised if it lost. If it did, I could imagine Mary Queen of Scots being the most likely beneficiary simply because it’s also from a long-ago period this group likes to recognize.
Peter J. Patrick: The Favourite is the clear, er hem, favorite, here. I doubt there will be an upset, but Bohemian Rhapsody‘s 1970s and ’80s designs might win over some of the designers.
Tripp Burton: The creative and vibrant period work of The Favourite should win handily here.
Thomas LaTourette: The Favourite should easily be the favorite to win here. The Marys, Poppins, and Queen of Scots, will be in the running, but I do not expect either to win.

Best Fantasy Costume Design

Aquaman (RU:Peter)
Avengers: Infinity War
Black Panther (Wesley, Peter, Tripp, Thomas)
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (RU:Wesley, RU:Tripp, RU:Thomas)
A Wrinkle in Time

Wesley Lovell: Black Panther is one of two Oscar nominees in this bunch and it’s one of two films that are leading the race for Oscar. Expect it to win with the other Oscar nominee, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms to have the best shot of overtaking it.
Peter J. Patrick: Ruth E. Carter is receiving a career achievement award from the Guild, so a win here will make it two for the evening. Nothing else comes close, but since I’m required to cite a runner-up I came up with Aquaman.
Tripp Burton: Black Panther‘s costumes have been highly talked about for over a year now and should finally win a major award for them.
Thomas LaTourette: It would be surprising if anything but Black Panther wins this award.

Best Contemporary Costume Design

Crazy Rich Asians (Wesley, Peter, Tripp, Thomas)
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (RU:Peter, RU:Thomas)
Ocean’s 8 (RU:Wesley)
A Star Is Born (RU:Tripp)

Wesley Lovell: The two most glamorous films in this bunch are probably the most likely to be recognized. Give it to the glorious designs of Crazy Rich Asians to carry the day, though Ocean’s 8 could be a spoioler, as could Best Picture Oscar nominee A Star Is Born.
Peter J. Patrick: Crazy Rich Asians has the most costumes which may or may not make it the favorite, but Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again also has some pretty good eye-catching designs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it upsets.
Tripp Burton: I don’t see the lavish costumes of Crazy Rich Asians losing here.
Thomas LaTourette: I would think that the over the top outfits of the Crazy Rich Asians should easily win.

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