2018 Precursor Predictions: Cinema Audio Society

A solid predictor of the Sound Mixing Oscar winner, their choice will definitely get a boost going into Oscar night.


Best Sound Mixing – Live Action

Black Panther (Peter)
Bohemian Rhapsody (Wesley, RU:Tripp, RU:Thomas)
First Man
A Quiet Place (Tripp, RU:Wesley, RU:Peter)
A Star Is Born (Thomas)

Wesley Lovell: If they want to predict the Oscars, they’ll probably go with Bohemain Rhapsody. If they want to recognize the best use of sound, A Quiet Place will earn the nod. Anything else could win, so I wouldn’t be entirely surprised.
Peter J. Patrick: It’s hard to say what they will deem the best since the nominees are all coming from different places, but the unique sounds of Black Panther and A Quiet Place were important to the success of their films and shouldn’t be discounted.
Tripp Burton: I imagine that sound people might go for A Quiet Place, where the sound design is so integral to the story, but with the way this season is going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bohemian Rhapsody win here.
Thomas LaTourette: One would think that one of the musical pics should win. A Star Is Born should win, but I would not be surprised if Bohemian Rhapsody does.

Best Sound Mixing – Animated

Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch
Incredibles 2 (RU:Wesley, RU:Tripp)
Isle of Dogs (RU:Peter)
Ralph Breaks the Internet (RU:Thomas)
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Wesley, Peter, Tripp, Thomas)

Wesley Lovell: Spider-Man had a killer sound mix and it’s been dominating all season, so I would be surprised if it didn’t win.
Peter J. Patrick: Why should they be alone in rejecting Spider-Man?
Tripp Burton: Like always, don’t vote against Spider-Man this season.
Thomas LaTourette: Spider-Man has been on a roll and might win here too. If not, any of the others could though Ralph or Incredibles 2 seem most likely.

Best Sound Mixing – Documentary

Fahrenheit 11/9
Free Solo (Peter, Tripp, RU:Wesley, RU:Thomas)
Quincy (Wesley, Thomas, RU:Tripp)
They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead (RU:Peter)
Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Wesley Lovell: It’s almost impossible to know for sure what they’ll pick: the music documentary or the cliff-climbing doc?
Peter J. Patrick: Free Solo should have this one in the bag but the Orson Welles semi-bio pic could upset for nostalgia’s sake.
Tripp Burton: I don’t see the adventure of Free Solo losing here, but don’t overlook a music bio.
Thomas LaTourette: Being a doc about a musician, Quincy seems like the winner. If not then perhaps Free Solo for all of its outdoor work.

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